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Is Your Heart Hungry for the Lord?
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Is your Heart Hungry for God

Pastor Bill Shults oversees seven churches, and administers Hungry Hearts Ministries. He has written eleven books on how to have a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Books that will help every Believer to a more rewarding life as a Christian. 
Kelly McDonald Jr. is an ordained Evangelist at Hungry Hearts Ministries. Kelly McDonald currently serves as the Bible Sabbath Association President.  Kelly writes for the international Sabbatarian magazine, The Sabbath Sentinel. He also writes and serves as the editor for the ministry's magazine, The Pursuit. Kelly graduated summa cum laude from Lambuth University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Legal Studies. Kelly has been preaching since 2007 and is available to speak at your church upon request.
Joseph Perry is an ordained Elder with Hungry Hearts Ministries. Joe was born and raised in Connecticut. He has a BA in history from John Carroll University and an MA in American History from Louisiana State University. He has been a member of the Murfreesboro congregation of Hungry Hearts since 2011 where he currently serves and his lovable personality shines like a beacon.

Jeremy R. Vonner is an ordained Elder at Hungry Hearts Ministries. He is a native of Atwood,TN and graduate of McMurry University in Abilene,TX. He has been married to his wife Kelly for eight years and they have four sons-Elijah,Jeremiah,Joshua, and Josiah. Jeremy is passionate about the people of God returning to the ways of God. He travels to teach and preach the Word Of God all over the state of Tennessee.